Choosing a Cape Coral custom home builder.

    Cabana Model by Palmer Homes of swfl

    The Cabana Model by Palmer Homes, a Cape Coral custom home builder

    Palmer Homes is a local favorite when you want to build a new home with character and unique features not ordinarily found with the other anonymous new homes out there. Palmer Homes is a clear choice as your Cape Coral custom home builder.

    If having a custom home that is uniquely yours and not just another beige home is important to you, then you should consider a builder than shares your same vision for your new home.

    When you are choosing a new home builder and plan, you are not just picking a builder that has a plan that fits your needs to some degree. You are out to find a builder that will work well with you and your family. A friend that you know you can work with for a long time into the future. You are building more than a home. A relationship that goes on after the construction.

    Together, you and your new builder will orchestrate a wonderful floorplan, beautiful details, and quality you will cherish for decades to come. Why accidentally choose the builder that you will actually never meet. When you need him, is he out of town all the time? Gone fishing? Are you going to have his personal cell phone number to take care of your needs as they arise?

    There are a lot of things to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Ask the hard questions and see if they tell you to leave. Does your contractor know how to use a hammer? Have they ever worked in the field? How many decades ago was this? Walk on an active job and ask the subs on any job if they ever see the contractor. Does the owner of the construction company even know he is building this home you are walking on? Is this contractor passionate about this home or just pushing paperwork on the other side of town?

    Google their business name, and look for troubles. Do you know the real reputation of this builder? Ask the workers on one of their active job sites. You can get the real news there. Go on YouTube and search for the companies name. You might find a lot of upset home owners venting their frustrations. You don’t want to end up in their situation….

    A little homework will save you a lot of frustration. Remember, you and this company will be working together for quite some time, then the warranty period as well. Remember many of these companies are brand new post recession “start ups” and they have a lot to learn. Many are run by owners that have no clue how to build a home. But they have no problem taking your money and trying. Then you will come up with many new “old” builders that are operating under a new name because of legal troubles, Chinese drywall, bankruptcy, and are now back under a new name. Would you like to be the owner of a defunct builders home?  You call for service on your home and they are nowhere to be seen. Poof! They are gone.

    Palmer Homes is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that takes the passion of new home construction to new levels. A true home builder from the midwest that, aside from being a hands on builder, has actually built homes from the ground up, a tradesman himself and a common sense approach to construction that you have never seen before. 21 years on the job, and a fourth generation builder. This isn’t a new venture for us. Its a lifelong passion that survived the greatest recession of our time, and is here to raise the bar on each and every home we build.

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